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Instruction For Toward
  Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-24 [Henry Ward Hwy] 126.6 mi I-24
  Entering Tennessee
  At exit 50B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-40 1.0 mi I-40 / Memphis
  At exit 210, take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-65 335.5 mi I-65 / Huntsville
  Entering Alabama
  Stay on I-65 S to Georgiana
  At exit 114, turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.3 mi Al-106 / Georgiana / Starlington
Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-106 87 yds
Keep STRAIGHT to stay on SR-106 21 yds
At near Georgiana, stay on SR-106 (East) 2.9 mi
Bear RIGHT (East) onto Local road(s) 65 yds
Bear RIGHT (South) onto US-31 [SR-3] 6.6 mi
At near McKenzie, stay on US-31 [SR-3] (South-East) 0.7 mi
Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-55 18.0 mi
Turn LEFT (East) onto US-84 [SR-12] 76 yds
At River Falls, stay on US-84 [SR-12] (East) 3.8 mi
Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-100 [Andalusia Byp] 1.6 mi
Keep STRAIGHT onto US-29 [SR-100] 9.7 mi
Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-137 14.0 mi
Entering Florida
Road name changes to SR-189 15.3 mi
Road name changes to SR-4 3.7 mi
Turn LEFT (North-East) onto US-90 [SR-10] 1.0 mi
At 5198 N Antioch Rd, Crestview, FL 32536, turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-4 [N Antioch Rd] 2.3 mi
At CR-4, stay on CR-4 [N Antioch Rd] (South) 0.6 mi
Keep STRAIGHT onto CR-4 [S Antioch Rd] 0.6 mi
Keep STRAIGHT onto PJ Adams Pkwy 1.9 mi
At 4984 SR-85, Crestview, FL 32536, turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-85 [S Ferdon Blvd] 14.8 mi
Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-20 [E John Sims Pkwy] 5.8 mi
At 1598 SR-293, Niceville, FL 32578, turn RIGHT (South-West) onto SR-293 [White Point Rd] 1.5 mi
*Toll road* Stay on SR-293 [White Point Rd] (South) 0.3 mi
*Toll road* *Tollbooth* Stay on SR-293 [White Point Rd] (South) 3.8 mi
*Toll road* Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-293 [Danny Wuerffel Way] 0.1 mi
Stay on SR-293 [Danny Wuerffel Way] (South) 0.8 mi
At 34909 US-98, Destin, FL 32541, turn RIGHT (West) onto US-98 [SR-30] 3.3 mi
Turn LEFT (South) onto Gulf Shore Dr 10 yds
At Gulf Shore Dr, Destin, FL 32541, stay on Gulf Shore Dr (South) 0.4 mi
Arrive Sandpiper Cove Dr, Destin, FL 32541




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